Customer Experience Design

With an in-depth understanding of customer expectations and innovative ideas, we are able to transform client organization into more effective and productive centers delivering quality customer interactions.

We identify critical touch-points on a typical customer’s journey which eventually end up to his overall experience for each touch –point we make a careful study of the current operating producers.

We then put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and visualize the experience from the customers point of view. we do this exercise across all the touch points ensuring full coverage of the customer journey, using this data we do an elaborate customer touch point mapping where we forecast the customer requirement demands and aspirations at each stage during the customer journey. This provides the foundation for a detailed gap analysis where we compare the existing procedure v/s actual customer requirement.

The next step is to provide our recommendations as an executable plan of action and to carefully conduct the implementations ensuring all action items are ticked of systematically while adhering to manually agreed on timelines. We also do a post implementation review and the necessary corrective actions if required, while monitoring of progress is an ongoing task, we introduce our Loyalty Programs at the right moment, ensuring a high level of engagement between the customer and the client organization.

The above strategy has been carefully refined over time and has helped us deliver consistent value and desired business outcomes for our esteemed clients.

CExDesign :

CExDesign is a platform created keeping in mind the simplicity to do business. We know how important your time is, keeping that in mind we created this platform where, with just a click you can keep track of your orders and payments.

Strategic Tie Ups

Our unique competencies is the ability to create strategic alliances with pertinent business partners where the collaboration results in a shared approach for Advertising, Marketing and Branding.

Our Tie-Ups:

Marketing Solutions

As a company specializing in creative Marketing Solutions and strategies, we revel in creating compelling content for the Marketing Collateral requirements of our clients. The collateral includes elaborately designed Brochures, Logos, Merchandise and other media which can be used to support the advertising or sales of any product or service.

As a technology-savvy company, we consistently use and promote digital tools to enhance our capabilities. For example, to instantly capture the attention of potential customers, we design and develop animated videos which add an attractive dimension to a brand’s marketing strategy and help it stand out from the competition.

We also develop comprehensive websites for our customers, ensuring online visibility and accessibility for their brand. Innovations such as Chatbot’s help to increase customer engagement by simplifying the management of queries.

Our team of brand strategists ensure brands derive all the benefits of social media marketing by creating engaging content and developing innovative campaigns to create the appropriate buzz about a brand.

The Luxe Loyalty

The Luxe Loyalty is an exclusive online Loyalty Program Management System. This platform provides multiple benefits to associated brands such as the ability to customize promotions and to analyze customer information such as buying patterns which help in creating strategies for improved market segmentation and better customer relationship management.


Event Marketing

Event Marketing is the promotion of a Product, Brand, or Services. There are many forms of event marketing and each can be catered to address a marketer’s specific goals.

It is important to base each individual event marketing tactic upon the brand’s overall marketing plan and how it fits into the personality of the event. By approaching each event as a separate chance to make an impression, a brand can tailor their efforts to best impact each audience.

Event marketing can also be much more subtle – many companies use QR codes on their posters and branding materials that work to integrate physical and virtual branding. These QR codes can redirect users to mobile sites that are offering discounts and special offers on physical products. Additionally, some companies offer exclusive event benefit coupons to those who follow them and like their posts on Facebook.

ATL: Above the line advertising mediums have a wide (national/international) crowd.

Mediums under ATL Marketing; TV, Radio, Print Media (Newspaper, Magazine).

BTL: Below the line marketing includes direct marketing strategies directed to specific target groups and focused on conversions rather than building the brand.

Mediums for BTL: Outdoor Advertising, Direct Mail Marketing, Sponsorship, Brand Activation & In-store Advertising.