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Since 2003, when we first started on our journey of trail-blazing marketing campaigns, we have evolved to be a trusted partner for some of the most exclusive brands in the business. We have become the go-to guys for economic, inventive and comprehensive solutions.

An integrated Marketing and Retail Solutions company where creativity is sky-high, we love to ideate and innovate, providing unique solutions for our clients.

Adding value to your business is not only our motto but our mindset when working on an assignment for you, ensuring you get the best return on your investment, as we have a track record of exceeding customers expectations.

Our team is a hand-picked, healthy mix of brand strategists, marketing experts and retail professionals who delight in catering to all your marketing, sales development and brand communication needs.

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Customer Experience Design

With an in-depth understanding of customer expectations and innovative ideas, we are able to transform client organization into more effective and productive centers delivering quality customer interactions. We identify critical touch-points on a typical customers journey which eventually end up to his overall experience for each touch...

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Strategic Tie Ups

Another of our unique competencies is the ability to create strategic alliances with pertinent business partners where the collaboration results in a shared approach for advertising, marketing and branding...

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Marketing Solutions

As a company specializing in creative Marketing solutions and strategies, we revel in creating compelling content for the Marketing Collateral requirements of our clients. The collateral includes elaborately designed Brochures, Logos, Merchandise and other media which can be used to support the advertising or sales of any product or service...

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Event Marketing

We apply our creativity and experience to the management of events by providing end-to-end services including designing of the concept, promoting the brand and the event on various media platforms and arranging for sponsorship...

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our expert team

Sumit Govind Sharma


Priya Sumit Sharma

Director - Operations

Rajeev Ubhe

Director - Technology

Samier Amritwar

Director- Strategy

Sagar Karne

Director - Digital Marketing

Nikhil Bajaj

Director - Design

Wall Of Pride

Mr. Anand Agrawal

GM Marketing

Sumit – A man to go and one stop solution. In last 8 years, Sumit have been instrumental in driving multiple projects and committed to time lines. The ideas which Sumit and his team comes up are relevant, connects with consumer, serves the brands objective and more importantly economically feasible.

Mr. Debabratha Banerjee


Over the years, Groupé MRP India has determinedly pursued a course of innovation, solution orientation , and value creation, all centered on building high customer satisfaction and bonding. Their portfolio of offerings have all sprung out of a deep understanding of the customer's requirements, and developing customized responses to their challenges. A young, multi talented team, ably led by Sumit, who has ample experience of the FMCG domain, and its pain points in an era of flirtatious consumers, has boldly confronted multiple challenges, and progressed unceasingly. Best wishes to such a band of inspired players.

Sri Ramesh Eevani

Founder, President & CEO
Orci Care

Groupé MRP INDIA is a very reliable marketing solutions partner who not only delivers high quality digital marketing content, but goes above and beyond to partner with the client in understanding the business need and exceeding the expectations. Very fortunate to find a trusted partner like Groupé MRP India. Looking forward to engage with Groupé MRP India for the future projects.